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Hi, my name is Kyle Jackson. Welcome to my blog! It will be featuring my various writing projects; flash fiction, short stories, posts regarding a long term project on a novel and hopefully some screenwriting! So in a nutshell I enjoy writing in my spare time (Which I sadly do not have a lot of) My ultimate aim in life would be to write for a living, but with my modest knowledge of the English language and good literature I feel I’ll need a lot of help a long the way, which is why I’m here.

I hope that, over time, I can get a good following of people from all walks of life that will comment and guide me to my success! See below for my current works:

Flash Fiction

Curtain Call

The Birth of the Lich King

Ehemann, Vater & Angestellte (Husband, Father &  Employee)  

Short Stories

My Time At Sea

Cain Trilogy:
Cain: the Search for the Gregori
Cain: The Usurper – Synopsis Available
Cain: The End Days – Coming Soon

Regards, K.J.Jackson


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