Cain: The Usurper


Cain: The Usurper  is being released on the Amazon Kindle marketplace later today!

Don’t forget to download Cain: The Search for the Gregori on your Kindle for free or read it here: Cain: The Search for the Gregori to catch up with his journey so far.


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Cain: The Search for the Gregori on KINDLE!


The first installment of the series is now available on Amazon to download on your Kindle. It’s free for a limited time.

Catch up on Cain’s journey before part 2 is released later this week!

UK Readers download HERE

US Readers download HERE

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Cain Part 2 – Cain: The Usurper – Synopsis

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Firstly… Missed Part 1 of my 3 part series? See –  Cain: the Search for the Gregori to check it out!


Now Cain has found his army in the freed Gregori willing to serve his purpose, if for nothing else but their own revenge, the unforgiven man sets his sights on the Kingdom of heaven and the creator who cursed him to live forever; he seeks to convince the almighty father to release him from his eternal torment or kill him to break the curse. Cain will need more than his army to infiltrate the fortress and find God, what allies will he find within the alabaster halls? Are the invaders ready to face the consequences of their actions?

Available here: Amazon

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