It has been years since I last set foot on this staircase, decades since I wandered these corridors. Yet I can no longer feel the stone beneath my feet nor contemplate the pain of the memories that this burnt husk of a tower should arouse. I scale the staircase to the last location I saw on this earth as a complete man, the same place my family died before my eyes. As I climb higher I feel myself growing more distant from sensation, as the last vestiges of my soul creep from my physical form. The last emotions I will ever feel manifest themselves as a deep sorrow and a hint of regret. I no longer know love for my fallen family, I no longer feel loyalty to my King. I find myself contemplating what really matters anymore. I am the most powerful being on the planet but where would my loyalty lie? With no soul, no morality, what am I capable of?

I emerge from the top of the staircase on to the roof; I’m an abhorrence of nature, a sullied mark on the beautiful elven glade surroundings. The dullness of the sun no longer surprises me. I turn and look over my once beloved city of Nimgwaithe, the land I once gave my life to protect. I no longer feel that pride, the sense of being and reason for living. Come to think of it, I feel… Nothing.


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