The Birth of the Lich King By Kyle Jackson

It has been years since I last set foot on this staircase, decades since I wandered these corridors. Yet I can no longer feel the stone beneath my feet nor contemplate the pain of the memories that this burnt husk of a tower should arouse. I scale the staircase to the last location I saw on this earth as a complete man, the same place my family died before my eyes. As I climb higher I feel myself growing more distant from sensation, as the last vestiges of my soul creep from my physical form. The last emotions I will ever feel manifest themselves as a deep sorrow and a hint of regret. I no longer know love for my fallen family, I no longer feel loyalty to my King. I find myself contemplating what really matters anymore. I am the most powerful being on the planet but where would my loyalty lie? With no soul, no morality, what am I capable of?

I emerge from the top of the staircase on to the roof; I’m an abhorrence of nature, a sullied mark on the beautiful elven glade surroundings. The dullness of the sun no longer surprises me. I turn and look over my once beloved city of Nimgwaithe, the land I once gave my life to protect. I no longer feel that pride, the sense of being and reason for living. Come to think of it, I feel… Nothing.


Ehemann, Vater & Angestellte (Husband, Father & Employee) by Kyle Jackson

Brrrrriiiiiiinnnnng The alarm clock rang to disturb the peace in the modest family abode, Wolfgang sleepily rolled over and lazily palmed for the source of the noise to bring his house to silence once more.
“Mmm, already?” Karin, Wolfgang’s wife whispered as she rolled over to find her husband’s chest. He smiled and held her close, enjoying the warmth of her body for a little while longer before he must extract himself from his bed in to the cold of winter which had crept throughout the house during the night.
Crreeeaak A noisy floorboard revealed the presence of Monika on the landing outside, she stood as still as a statue suddenly afraid that the treacherous floor had betrayed her inconspicuous wake up call.
Wolfgang lay there with his eyes closed for a few heartbeats, he was almost sure he could hear his young daughter’s heart racing as she waited outside his bedroom door, “Good morning Monika,” He said, softly, with a smile.
“Daddy! Daddy!” She came running in to the room and jumped on the bed, disturbing the parents in their early morning slumber. The young girl squirmed, wiggled and wedged her way in between them and the three lay there in peaceful bliss.
Monika happily stole her father’s warm space in the bed as he got up, Wolfgang smiled at her before he made his way to the bathroom.
“Love you!” Wolfgang called up the stairs to his wife and daughter as he left the house.
“Love you,” Karin whispered back, which he knew meant Monika had fallen back asleep.
The cramped town gave way to a glistening white countryside in the early frosty morning as Wolfgang made his way to work.
“Morning Lieutenant,” The guard saluted as the family man drove up to the security gate.
Lieutenant Wolfgang was indeed a soldier, a veteran of World War I, but now found himself sat behind a desk; much safer he supposed, Karin and Monika needn’t worry.

“Only 200 this month,” One employee brought him a report as soon as he stepped in to his office, “That’s 20% down on last month,”
“We must widen our search, find more sources; I will get on to the tactical team to build a plan of expansion,” He replied.
Wolfgang sat at his desk and rubbed his head as countless problems preceded endless solutions as his day drew to an end once more.
The Lieutenant stood up, fetched his coat, and made to leave; suddenly he stopped, finger in the air, and turned as he had almost forgotten the lollipop he had in his drawer for Monika. Wolfgang went back to his desk to pick up the all-important sweet for his Princess. On his way out of the office he glanced at the line of Jews queuing to enter the gas chamber it’s just a job, safer than the frontline he thought as he shut the door to go home to his family.

Cain Part 2 – Cain: The Usurper – Synopsis

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Now Cain has found his army in the freed Gregori willing to serve his purpose, if for nothing else but their own revenge, the unforgiven man sets his sights on the Kingdom of heaven and the creator who cursed him to live forever; he seeks to convince the almighty father to release him from his eternal torment or kill him to break the curse. Cain will need more than his army to infiltrate the fortress and find God, what allies will he find within the alabaster halls? Are the invaders ready to face the consequences of their actions?

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3 Weeks in…

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As some of you may know I have just finished a short story called Cain: The Search for the Gregori if you have not read it yet, please check it out! It is part 1 of 3 of the Cain trilogy so please keep your eyes peeled for:

Cain: The Usurper


Cain: The End Days

Cain: The Search for the Gregori – Complete


by K.J.Jackson

Chapter 1: Dark Dreams of a Merciless God

Dark shapes filled his dreams, as always, featureless faces and unearthly screams; they were the voices of his sons, with faces long lost to time, drowning in the great flood sent to rid the world of his offspring and all of those God felt were unworthy. The father was helpless to save them but incapable of following them to the afterlife, he just floated there below the waves and watched as their lifeless bodies gave in to the strong currents and drifted off in to the dark abyss. There was a time, thousands of years ago, when he would still be able to make out their faces; they were innocent men and children, killed simply because of his deeds, guilty by association.
When his sons became just miniscule dots in the distance he made his way back to the surface and took a deep breath once his head crested the waves. The anguished father looked down at the mark on his wrist, he should have drowned but it just would not let him go.
“Arrrrrrgh! Curse you! Let me die!” He screamed as he beat the water around him, the world was covered in every direction from horizon to horizon, “They had done nothing wrong!” He screamed at the sky, but of course no response came.
Rain began to pour again in the dream, this had never happened before, he looked up confused as he was dragged from the world of slumber and in to reality.

Chapter 2: The Streets of Rome

Cain opened his eyes and quickly realised there was a young man stood over him, urinating. The smell did not bother the newly awoken man as his primary odour was mainly stale urine; but the act itself, the indignity of it, enraged the powerful homeless man. The teenager ran as the huge beggar jumped to his feet; a towering seven foot of powerful, hairy humanoid stormed after the youngster. Despite the size of the man the kid laughed as he ran, mocking Cain further. The vagrant wore clothes older than the boy he chased, faded, stained and torn; nothing more than thin greenish trousers and a bedraggled white-turned-beige t-shirt covered the huge frame. Cain’s jet-black hair and beard tangled and knotted in to one another in an unkempt mass around his weathered face, tanned by the heat of Rome’s summer.
The boy turned in to an alleyway a little way ahead of Cain; the enraged man, didn’t break stride as he turned in after him.
Waiting in the alleyway were six other men, some of them seemed to be in their teens whilst others were older, they all brandished blades of various shapes and sizes and seemed to beckon Cain in to the alleyway.
Cain stopped a few steps from the group of men, “Now boys, you don’t want to do this,”
“Go on!” The crowd cheered, one of the men nudged the younger boy towards the homeless man, “He’s a nobody; no one will miss him, take his life and you’re in!”
A hazing ritual the big man realised, “This doesn’t end well boy,” He said, arms spread out in front of him.
The young man edged forwards, fear clearly showing in his eyes but he didn’t want to look weak in front of the gang of men, suddenly he lunged for Cain; the beggar accepted the wound and looked in to the boy’s eyes, the child almost seemed proud of himself until he saw the deep pity staring back at him.
“I’m sorry kid,” Cain whispered.
A massive wound tore in to the boy’s torso mirroring the homeless man’s wound only much larger, gaping and fatal. A shocked expression froze on the teen’s face as he died at Cain’s bare feet. The other boys stood for a moment still processing what just happened before one of them drew a gun, levelled it with Cain’s forehead and pulled the trigger.
“Don’t!” The huge man shouted before the world went black.
The man with the gun began to approach the two bodies before his head and part of his neck exploded under an invisible force; his decapitated corpse fell to its knees and collapsed on the cobbles. The rest of the men ran with all haste for the opposite end of the alleyway, police sirens began to sound in the distance as Cain came to his senses.

Chapter 3: The First Murderer

Thousands of years earlier in the Garden of Eden.

The sun rose over the horizon to greet the young man eagerly selecting and harvesting his best grain from his well tendered field, Cain was gifted with a green thumb and his work with everything that grew from mother earth was perfect. Today was the day the farmer and his brother, Abel, would bring their prize offerings before God and Cain was certain his crop would impress the creator.
The two brothers met their parents, Adam and Eve, late that morning before they made their way to the meadow together to stand before God. Cain was much larger than the rest of his family, his hair a stark contrast to the sandy blonde of his brother’s, but they loved each other and lived together peacefully enough in Eden.
The foursome stood in the meadow, the two sons proudly held their offerings; Cain’s was a sack of his best grain whilst Abel held a lamb, Abel’s gift was to nurture and tend to all of God’s beasts.
“Cain and Abel,” Boomed a voice from above them, “I see you have brought me the most prized of your work,”
The brothers looked at each other and smiled, “We have my Lord,” Cain spoke up and the brothers placed their offering on the soft, emerald grass of the meadow; the lamb stood obediently, as did the sack of grain.
Some time passed and there was nothing but silence, the family dared not speak.
“I thank you kindly for your offering Abel, your lamb is most precious indeed. Your gift is clear to see in this lamb’s healthy coat and bright eyes,”
The meadow fell silent again, for longer this time. Cain began to get agitated, what of his prize grain? His life’s work was represented by the excellent quality of the contents of the sack he had laid before him.
“That is all!?” He shouted at the sky. The rest of his family gasped, “What of my grain? Is it not precious also?”
“Your grain is average, brother of Abel, your gift has been wasted on you,”
“Wasted?!?!” he screamed back, “My name is Cain! The first born, the tender of crops and my grain is precious!”
God remained silent.
Cain felt a foreign anger boiling inside him, hatred for his brother; why should he get all of the praise? What is so good about his lamb? The eldest brother, without thinking, removed his harvesting scythe from his belt and slit the lamb’s throat. The baby creature gargled in terror and kicked but rapidly lost all of it’s energy and fell to the ground.
“Noooo!” Abel cried out and ran to his lamb’s side, Cain turned suddenly on Abel and his scythe sank deep in to the younger brother’s abdomen.
Eve screamed and ran to her youngest son, cradling him in her arms, “Demon! Be gone from my sight!” She screamed at Cain.
“Cain!” Boomed God’s voice once more, “The earth that I had gifted to you is now tainted by your brother’s blood, it will no longer thrive at your touch. Any attempt at success will become dust in your hands,”
The first murderer was silent, he knelt beside his mother and brother, bloodied scythe in hand.
“I mark you immortal. Cain, the unforgiven. You will carry this brand on your forearm as a warning to all; any who causes you harm shall have the pain returned sevenfold and should anyone cause you death they shall feel the wrath of God. Now be gone from my garden and live out your days in loneliness and austerity,”
Adam pulled Cain up from his knees and shoved him towards the edge of the meadow; the elder brother looked back, unable to process the last few moments, but Adam’s stern gaze was unyielding so Cain left the meadow and the Garden of Eden to wander the wastes beyond the protection of the angels.

Chapter 4: Breaking Point

Cain awoke in the alleyway, the sirens grew closer marking the imminent arrival of the police; he knew he could not explain this away, he took one last look at the boys that lost their lives because of him and ran.
A short while later he joined the crowds gathering at the edges of the alleyway, they were held at bay by barriers and police officials but he could see the mess he had caused. The man’s height afforded him a clear view of the crime scene, the two boys lay under white sheets. Cain looked on for some time; it pulled at his immortal heart that more people must lose their lives because of his rage, because of his curse.
A woman screamed out in anguish and tried to break through the police barriers, the lawmen held her back, “My boy, my boy, my boooooy!” She screamed and broke down in tears on the shoulder of a luminous jacket in her way. The murderer could not take any more of this scene and he slipped back in to the streets, he should not be alive and he knew what he had to do.
Cain stared at his reflection in a shop window, the day had long since given way to night, and he didn’t recognise the shadow of the man that stared back; whilst he had barely aged in his thousands of years on earth he had become an unkempt mess of hair and odours.
“Arrrrgh!” He screamed in a rage and smashed the window; smirking back at him from inside the shop was a poster featuring a perfectly trimmed male model in an Italian suit, “Eugh!” Cain had to walk away.
The homeless man sub-consciously rubbed the mark on his forearm, lost in his thoughts as he walked down the street. The roads were quiet and Cain found himself wandering in to a residential area, he finally snapped out of his daydream and looked around before making his way up the nearest drive.
The behemoth of a man slammed the door a few times with his ham sized fist, “Hello?” He boomed.
A man answered the door dressed in boxer shorts, a white t-shirt and an undone dressing gown, his chiselled features and Mediterranean colouring made him look similar to the model in the shop poster; rubbing his eyes, the homeowner had been woken by the knocking and it took him a moment to realise the size of the stranger on his doorstep. Cain noticed the door close defensively.
“Sorry,” Cain quickly said in an attempt to get the man to stop backing away, “I wish to wash,”
“W-w-wash? But, it’s the middle of the night! Who are you?”
Cain looked about, unaware of the passage of time anymore, “Oh, right of course. I have a sudden need to visit someone and I wish to look less… Well, like this,”
The sleepy man stared blankly at the oddity, the hulking man looked a bit like a dark-haired Sasquatch after such a long time living rough.
“I have money,” Cain squeezed his huge hand in to the pocket of his torn trousers and produced crumbled notes of varying denominations of Euros as well as some foreign currency neither of the men were familiar with, “I don’t know what this is worth but you are welcome to it, I have no need for money but for some reason the elderly like to give it to me,”
The smaller man stared at the crumpled paper in the massive hand for a while, he yawned, “Do you drink coffee?”
“Coffee? No,”
“No matter, I’m going to need some. Look, keep your money, come in,”
“You are kind,” Cain stepped over the threshold in to the man’s house.
“Bathroom is at the top of the stairs, to the right. There is a spare room too if you need it,” The man said as he made his way through to the kitchen.
“Spare room?” Cain asked.
“To sleep in?”
“Oh, no I do not need sleep, I just wish to wash. Thank you,”
The man looked back at Cain and gave him a small smile and a nod.
Cain felt like a different man as he stepped out of the shower, he was not as tanned as he thought, turns out it was as much dirt as skin; he looked over at his clothes draped on the back of a chair in the corner, he did not wish to put them on yet instead he wrapped a towel around his waist and went over to the sink. The huge man clumsily picked up a hairbrush and ran it through his tangle of hair; he had no idea what the lotions were in the shower but he had tried them all, whatever they were they worked wonders.
Cain began trimming his beard and hair with some small scissors he found but just then he heard voices at the door downstairs, he opened the bathroom door to listen; this afforded him a view of the television in the bedroom, the news was on and a sketch of his face was being shown to the world. …Considered armed and extremely dangerous, treat with caution… Cain looked out of the bathroom window, several police cars and a van had blocked off the road.
The big man knew he was in trouble, he opened the bathroom window and dropped down to the garden below; he began to climb a fence at the rear when he heard a gunshot and there was a sudden sharp pain in his right shoulder, No… No, No, No, he thought, Another dead. The mark on his forearm grew warm and the bullet was pushed from the wound in his back as the hole knitted itself to perfection once again.
The behemoth, in a towel, leapt from garden to garden until the noises of the law enforcement were far behind him; he took shelter in a nearby shed and found some shears to finish the job on his hair, he had to change his look and quick.

Chapter 5: The Kindness of Strangers

Cain emerged from the shed in the morning looking like a different person, his beard was trimmed as close as he could get it with hedge cutters and his hair was short and pushed back; the big man bent down and studied his reflection in the shed window, almost the ‘shop model look’ he envied yesterday.
“Oh my! Good morning!” A petite voice startled the murderer. Cain looked around and a little old lady was stood in her back garden holding her washing, presumably on the way to put it out to dry, “Were you sent by God?” The woman studied the giant, well-built naked man stood near her shed.
Cain, with little understanding of humility, stood tall, naked and proud, “Something like that,” he replied.
“Come inside dear, before the neighbours see!” She shuffled back to her door and hoisted her clothing basket back in to the house.
Cain took a moment, wary of the hospitality of strangers after last night; but after a moment he decided he likely didn’t have a better plan, being naked and all.
The little woman had started placing cakes on a plate and had the kettle on the oven, boiling. She barely came above Cain’s naval, she stared through faded once-blue eyes and her tanned leathery skin spoke of a lifetime under the Mediterranean sun; she kept herself well presented with a linen white blouse and navy trousers, her hair was alabaster white and permed frequently.
“Please sit, oh you’re so big!” So exclaimed, “Even bigger up close!” She grinned a large wrinkly smile.
Cain’s cheeks clenched at the cold surface of the plastic chair, he began to feel uncomfortable under the woman’s gaze, “Do you have any clothes?” He asked, abruptly.
“Oh no I’m afraid not,”
“I only wish to borrow them, I need to visit a friend then I will return them,”
“Oh, no. I mean I would never have anything to fit you. I have my husband’s clothes still but he was only dinky, bless his heart,”
The naked man sat and thought for a while.
“I feel there is a story behind all of this, do you wish to share?” The little woman pried.
“Maybe, but I am in a rush. It is urgent that I speak to my friend first, but I need clothes,”
“I see, well. Let me think…” The little lady tapped her chin as she stared at Cain, “Ohhh! Oh I know, Giuseppe! He will have something,” Without saying another word she scooted off in to the other room; Cain followed, wary of her going to the phone. She put glasses on that were sat next to the phone and flicked through the little book on the same table, she found the number and picked up the handset; the vigilante realised the woman did not have a television in the house, confident she was not calling the police he made his way back to his chair.
“Big, very big!” She giggled from the other room.
The little lady returned a few minutes later, “My friend Giuseppe is a tailor and does have a section that specialises in suits for men of your… Stature. He is a good friend and he will be round shortly with some for you to try,”
“I have no money for your friend,” Cain realised his assortment of currency was in his trousers.
“Oh, do not worry. I’ll owe him a few cakes or so,” She plonked herself on the chair opposite Cain and pushed the cakes over towards him, he waved a massive hand and shook his head.
“What’s your name dear?” She asked.
“My name? Err… Cain,”
“Ohh, are your family religious?”
Cain fell silent, and they both sat in uncomfortable silence for some time, until the doorbell rang. The little lady jumped up, glad of the distraction.
A man of equal stature to the lady hobbled in carrying huge suitcases in his frail, wobbling arms, “By goodness he is big!” He exclaimed.
Cain stood pondering the kindness of these strangers as he dressed in the woman’s bedroom, much like the people that have dropped money at his feet all of these years. He buttoned up a pink shirt that fit him perfectly and felt luxurious against his skin, the navy linen jacket that went with his trousers fit just as well; the little man had a good eye and chose the correct suit first time. Brown leather shoes finished off the ensemble and suddenly Cain felt like a man once more.
The kind old pair were waiting for him as he came downstairs, the woman inhaled in shock and the man just looked at his work with pride.
“Thank you, both of you, you are most kind. But I must go,” Cain said, truly appreciative as he examined himself in the hallway mirror.
“Where is it you’re going dear? If you don’t mind me asking,”
“Vatican City, that is where my friend is,”
The little lady played with a cross around her neck, “How are you going to get there?”
“Walk I guess,” Cain replied.
“Oh no! No no, that will not do! Here,” She dug around in her bag, “Take this, my boy, I would not have you walking that far to see a holy man,” She stuffed money in to Cain’s huge hands.
“I… I cannot take this,”
The little lady played with her cross again, “I insist,”
Cain stood in awe of the kindness for a moment, “Thank you… I never got your name,”
“Rosa, dear,” She stopped for a moment but continued to hold her cross, “Good luck, with whatever it is you must do,”
The murderer stared at her, wondering just what was going on in her mind, who did she think he was? After a while Cain just smiled and nodded before turning to leave the couple.
“Ohh! Hang on!” The little man ran back in to the kitchen and came out with a navy trilby hat which looked massive in the diminutive man’s hands, “Finishes the look off nicely!”
Cain accepted the hat and placed it on his head, it’ll help disguise my face and it looks good he thought as he looked in the mirror once more. The newly dressed vagrant looked back at the woman, she was smiling her wrinkly smile again, he did not realise it yet but that lady’s face would change the fate of the world in weeks to come; Cain took his leave, heading for the bus station.

Chapter 6: The Vatican Vaults

Cain walked through the small corridor, hunching slightly as it was made for the passage of regular sized humans; he ran his fingers along the fine stonework that made the tunnel walls, his work he remembered from centuries ago when he was known as the Builder he held a torch in the other hand as the tunnels were too deep to be graced with the light of day. The big man new the tunnel ran under the Vatican to the secreted vaults below, it was one of a few escape routes built in to the complex in case a siege required a hasty retreat.
After about an hour of walking, evading the many mock passages and misleading rooms often laced with traps designed to kill any would-be intruders that happened up on the entrance, Cain found the false wall that allowed access to the archives below the holy building; he heaved the stone, it was difficult to move even for a man of his strength but eventually the wall gave and the light of the room beyond flooded in to the tunnel.
The murderer walked between the huge shelves of books, he knew the answers he sought were amongst the manuscripts somewhere but he did not have the time to look; instead he went in search of a man who would know.
Access to the archives are limited and only a few people sat in the cavernous hall of knowledge, Cain found it easy to pick his way towards the small room at the back reserved for the Archivist; if anyone knew what Cain needed, it would be him.
The silent intruder slipped in to the quiet study and closed the door.
“Can I help you?” The holy man asked, hunched over the desk with his back to the door.
“You are Stefan Brennan, the Archivist?” Cain asked.
Startled by the abruptness and deep voice, the Archivist turned around, “I am, and who might you be?” Stefan was a priest, he stood in his black robes, eyes deep set in his face from years spent studying the manuscripts; his pale skin, white hair and grey eyes looked almost unhealthy.
“My name is Cain, I have come in search of answers,”
“Cain? Nice to meet you,” The holy man stood and stretched his aching back, “I assume you have been given permission to research, the archives are yours my child,” Stefan gestured at the door.
“I am not one of your scholars, priest, nor do I have the time to find the information I need; instead you will tell me and I will leave you be,” The towering man got closer to the priest who backed in to his table.
“W-w-w-what is it you need to know? Let’s keep calm,” Stefan’s hands came up in front of him defensively.
“I must know the location of the Gregori,”
“Excuse me?”
“The Gregori, holy man, where are they?”
“Nobody knows I am afraid, their location is not available to man,”
“You’re lying priest, I do not enjoy deception,” Cain placed a hand on the much smaller man’s shoulder and levelled his terrifying gaze, “You will give me the information, priest!”
Stefan’s legs began to go weak, he shot around the back of the table to put some distance between them, “I am an Arch Bishop of the Lord and he will protect me,”
Cain slammed his huge right forearm on the table displaying his brand, “I am Cain, the first murderer and this mark,” He pointed to the scar on his arm, “affords me the protection of the lord. Who’s protection is stronger do you think?”
“C-c-c-cain…” The Arch Bishop fell to the ground and shuffled in to the corner of the dark room,  he tapped his forehead, sternum, left shoulder then right in turn, “The murderer, the unforgiven, immortally tortured deceiver of the Lord,”
“Yes, yes, yes, all of those. Now… The Gregori,”
“I-I do not know,”
Cain lifted the table and smashed it against the wall to his left, “LIES!!”
“Okay, okay, please… I cannot give you their location, last time they were free they brought chaos to the world and a civil war in Heaven,”
“You think I came here to ask nicely? I know of your congregation Stefan, they will pay one by one until I am given the location; the correct location,”
“You ask me to choose between my flock and the safety of the world,”
“I want the Gregori to get me in to Heaven, I will not let a single one step foot on this world when my job is done,”
“Why?” The holy man stood back up and collapsed in to his chair again, “Why do you need them?”
“I cannot get in to Heaven alone, and I believe they still have friends up there,”
“I would be damned forever if I was to aid in the release of the Watchers, and what would you do once you were in Heaven?”
“I wish to be released from my curse,”
The small priest sat for a while contemplating, “I cannot bring civil war to the Lord’s Kingdom,”
“You do not think the angels and God are capable of defeating me?”
“Of course they would, but what of the Gregori?”
“If we fail then we will all be wiped out, if we succeed I swear to you I will destroy every one of those before I move on to my rightful place in hell,”
“What makes you think they will follow you?”
“They want their own vengeance for the extinction of their children,” Cain grew tired of the stalling, “The Gregori, Arch Bishop, where are they?”
Arch Bishop Stefan sighed, he knew the prison was protected, “Fine, I do believe your mission is ill fated but the Gregori, they are here; below us, the so-called Valleys of Earth,”
“Yes, this whole structure was built upon an ancient seal as a way to keep it hidden, only an angel may open it,”
“Take me to it,”
“Okay, okay… But as I said, only an angel may open it,”
The two made their way through the vaults under the Vatican towards a wall, Cain recognised symbols on the wall, Enochian – The language of Angels, “This is it?” He asked.
“It is,” Stefan nodded, “But it is locked to us mortals, only an angel can…”
The Arch Bishop was cut short as the Enochian writing writhed under the touch of Cain, it glowed and moved to form an archway.
“My God, what have I done? It is true then, you are indeed Nephilim; son of Suriel” Stefan whispered.
Cain turned and stared at the priest, “What are you muttering about holy man?”
“The Nephilim, the sons of the angels, they were not all destroyed; one remained, one that God had made immortal,” The Arch Bishop nodded at Cain’s arm.
“What? Me?” He studied the symbol.
“Yes, you. You were the first Nephilim,”
“No, my parents were Adam and Eve,” The unforgiven man was suddenly questioning his heritage, he always knew there was something amiss.
“But when you think about it, it makes sense, no? Your size, power and the way you look? You have an inner rage that you struggle to control don’t you? The blood of angel and man was never meant mix, it causes an inner conflict which you control surprisingly well Cain,”
The holy man whispered and touched the cross at his chest. Cain began to move through the archway, “Wait!” Stefan shouted.
Cain stopped and looked back at the priest.
“The Gregori, Cain. You swear they will not be free to wreak havoc on the earth?”
“If they are capable of making more creatures like me then no, I will not allow such an evil to walk this earth; removing me is the reason I must make this journey holy man. God has had every opportunity to do the right thing, now I must force his hand,” The Nephilim continued through the portal and never looked back.
The Arch Bishop looked on shaking and hopeless, the doorway looked solid to him, he could not ponder the ramifications of the path he had set Cain on.

Chapter 7 – The Prisoners of God

Cain felt like he had been walking for hours, the brickwork passage had quickly given way to a roughly carved path that descended slowly in to the bowels of the earth; a thin wire lined the walls on either side of the narrow tunnel, they glowed a soft blue that lit the way as far as Cain’s eyes could see.
Eventually the path ended at a gate with thick iron bars and Enochian symbols etched in to each bar, it was fixed on the outside of the tunnel, on the other side of the gate was a massive cavern; Cain could not see the top as the glow of the light-wires did not reach the ceiling but blue light ebbed from huge gaping wounds in the floor of the cavern that made pathways far below, the Valleys of Earth.
The half-angel placed his hands on two of the bars in front of him and the symbols writhed at his touch once again, they moved and glowed the same blue as the light-wire until the gate began to swing open in to the cavernous area.
Cain took a step out but stopped as a figure emerged from the depths of the valley, “Who are you?” It boomed in a voice far too large for it’s human-sized frame, wings tucked in to his back gave his identity away as angelic. The winged creature was muscular, wore loose fitting white trousers that ended at the calf and a sleeveless white tunic, typical angel attire Cain knew.
Cain froze, he had not encountered a divine being in a very long time, and never directly opposed one, he was not sure of their power nor the ranking of this individual, “I am no one,” he replied.
“No one that has managed to open two Enochian seals? I do not know who you are human but you have erred in your decision to follow this path,” Cain realised the guardian angel stood taller than him by at least a foot as it drew closer.
“Where am I?” He feigned ignorance.
“A place you should not be, it is my job to ensure this location is never discovered. I must wipe your memory,” The angel approached, palm out towards the intruder.
“Wait,” Cain backed off a step, “What is your name?”
“My name?” The angel asked, confused, “Tell me yours and I will reveal mine, as spoken in your tongue at least,”
“My name is Cain,” he replied, confidently.
“Cain?!” The large angel exclaimed, he jumped back and unfurled his wings, his four wings Cain realised, before leaping in to the vast expanse of the cavern above.
“For the love of God,” Cain ironically whispered under his breath, “A Cherub,” The huge angel drew the sword from his belt, and the flame that spread down the blade confirmed it for Cain, it was indeed a Cherub. Far from the cute, cuddly images the human’s believed them to be; Cherubim were fierce guardians, tasked with guarding the most sacred locations and even God himself.
The guardian flew swiftly for Cain, flaming sword leading the way “You are supposed to be dead Unforgiven one!”
The half-angel dodged to the side in to a sideward roll and darted for the valley edge, he could hear the rush of air above his head as the angel just missed decapitating the intruder and he dropped the hundreds of feet to the ground below.
Cain’s body smashed in to the floor, he tried to stay conscious through the pain but black dots filled his vision, he felt his forearm burn and itch as the Mark fought to maintain his immortal coil and fix his injuries.
The broken man was not sure how long he was out but it must not have been long as the Cherub had not dropped down to him, but a voice brought him to his senses, “Who are you?” it whispered.
“Argh,” Cain screamed from the pain of his body mending, “Cain,” he said through gritted teeth.
“Cain? Suriel’s boy? We thought you dead,”
“The news of my death was greatly exaggerated, but I may not live long with this Cherub buzzing around,” The immortal half-angel gained his footing and only just noticed his surroundings; he stood on a wide valley floor and lining the walls were cells, each valley must be like this he assumed. Hundreds of prisoners, hundreds of soldiers he knew, “The keys?” he asked.
The angel locked inside motioned upwards with his head, Cain followed his gaze just in time to dodge the fast falling knee of the guardian; the earth shattered on the spot the Nephilim once stood, Cain had to rapidly roll from danger.
The two stood opposite each other and the angels in their cells began to make a noise, “SILENCE!” The Cherub boomed and rocks fell from the cavern and valleys at the deep resonance of the angel’s voice. The prisoners continued their riot.
“It’s Naniel, my name. It would not harm for you to know it before your death, murderer,”
“Naniel, then I am sorry you must be the first casualty of my war,”
The angel smiled and came at Cain again, impossibly fast, Cain did not have time to move and the Naniel stuck his flaming blade in to the intruder’s gut; Cain doubled over in pain as the flame scorched his insides, predictably the Cherub’s torso suffered a huge wound and he fell back, losing his blade. The Nephilim removed the sword from his stomach, and the two healed quickly back to full health. Naniel came again, the half-angel was quickly battered back with heavy punches and failed to score a hit despite having the blade, within moments Cain was on the floor again; the Cherub suffered the blows sevenfold, as promised by the mark, but the powerful guardian took them in his stride and continued his assault. The immortal man could not keep hold of the blade as his skeleton gave way to the continuous melee strikes from the highly skilled angel.
“Cain! Cain! Cain!” Came the cries from the cells.
“Silence!” The proud Cherub berated them. He left Cain unconscious on the floor and went to a nearby cell, “You! Silence!”
“NOW!” Came a call from behind Naniel, the angel in the cell in front of him ran at the bars and front-kicked the guardian in the stomach, Naniel fell backwards and in to the waiting arms of the prisoner in the cell behind him. Strong as the Cherub was he found it difficult to release himself from the grasp.
“Cain! The sword!” One of the prisoners yelled, “Pierce the fairy’s heart!”
The Nephilim was only just aware of what was going on, his body half broken, but he managed to stumble to his feet and pick up the heavenly blade; he charged at the guardian but before he could put the sword to use the Cherub had broken the arm of the prisoner behind him and released himself, the well trained angel nimbly disarmed the Cain and swung to remove the intruder’s head.
“Survive this, first born!” He screamed.
Cain blocked the attack with all of his strength, pushed himself backwards to the tip of the blade and drove forwards pushing it through his heart, “Survive that, Cherub,” he replied through a mouth full of blood.
Naniel’s eyes went wide and he shook his head in terror, “No…” the mighty guardian fell to his knees as his heart began to burn, the deadly power of the blade was returned sevenfold on the primordial angel; it burned him from the inside and he screamed an unearthly bellow as his body turned to ash on the floor of the Valleys of Earth. The keys fell to the ground beside the fine powder.
Cain removed the sword from his chest and retrieved the keys from the floor, he handed them to the nearest prisoner, “Free your brothers,” he said before he hobbled his way up the long path to the top of the valley.
The immortal Nephilim stood, flaming sword in hand, as he watched the army of the Gregori sore in to the cavern around him, “Cain! Cain! Cain! Cain!” They chanted over and over.
A massive angel landed next to the saviour of the watchers, larger than the Cherub by far, “Why did you do that Nephilim?” It asked suspiciously.
“I need your help, all of you,”
“To do what exactly?”
“Take the kingdom of heaven,”
The huge being was silent for a while, “Oh,” It finally said, “Admittedly my brothers and I owe you a great debt for freeing us, but that one we will do for free. My name is Shamsiel, my army is yours,”
Shamsiel, Cain knew him to be one of the chief guardians of Eden, now a fallen angel, a powerful ally indeed, “To heaven,” Cain smiled.

End of Cain: The Search for the Gregori – Part 2 Cain: The Usurper