3 Weeks in…

Hi guys!

So I’m almost 3 weeks in to this and I originally started it as an outlet for ideas and something to keep me sane whilst I am in between blogs, I admittedly never expected people to like what I published let alone follow the story so I am thrilled that I have 17 followers and would like to thank you all and hope this continues to grow as I publish more.

As I have mentioned before, I would appreciate any comments, my writing is far from perfect and I would like to know what people think.; please also feel free to share anything you find interesting with friends.

As some of you may know I have just finished a short story called Cain: The Search for the Gregori if you have not read it yet, please check it out! It is part 1 of 3 of the Cain trilogy so please keep your eyes peeled for:

Cain: The Usurper


Cain: The End Days


Welcome to my world!

Power of Words

Hello and welcome to the world of K.J.Jackson.

Primarily this blog has been created as a place to publish various short stories I hope to conjure from my otherwise bored brain, I hope to also use it to pick the brains of others on the topic of writing and start discussions in order to improve my own, and others, abilities in this area.

I may also use this as a place to publish various thoughts on everyday life, TV, films and music if something pops in to my mind that, for some reason, just wants to be exposed to the world.

Additionally I am a proud father and may pop the odd thought or two about my little girl or things we do if we end up going anywhere fun!

Soooo maybe a little something for everyone! Please feel free to comment / reblog anything you find interesting!

Happy blogging all 🙂